Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fond and prolonged farewells.

You know, as I prepare myself for the move back to Seattle I find myself feeling more and more nostalgic, and yes, even tid bit sad.  I think there are a ton of reasons we move back to where we came, and a ton of reasons why some of us don't. But my experience here in Los Angeles has been really lovely, and I have the best job and mentors a  girl can ask for.

I guess for now, lurking around the store and taking photos is what I'll do to satiated my need to have some physical memorial to carry with me from place to place. It's been looking really good  here at our tiny Pasadena space lately! Enjoy.

Geronimo swimsuits made from vintage materials, and high waisted shorts re-worked from swanky Laura Ashley fabrics.


  1. The shop looks sooo beautiful- I'd be sad to leave such a pretty place too! I actually live in Portland funny enough. Pacific northwest girls <3

  2. It is the most wonderful place ever! Portland is great though, ya'll are lucky to have lots of great independent shops around, and GREAT vintage. Seattle is seriously lacking. But there are talks of eventually a TLO branch there, so fingers crossed.