Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Creatures Sample Sale/Hello!

I guess it's sometimes appropriate to start something the new with ending of something old.  I've been thinking about blogging for a very long time and have never really forced myself to do it. It'll be a bit skeletal for awhile but I invite you to follow my life, the things, food, people and fashion I love.

If you need to know anything about me, it's that I have red hair, I work at the most amazing vintage store The Loved One and I currently live in Echo Park.  Also important, in about six weeks I will be leaving all of these beloved things behind to move back to my hometown of Seattle, so thanks for joining me fore the transition.

Recently we had a really wonderful sample sale at the shop with a brand I love Dear Creatures.  Rob and Bianca are pretty much the sweetest folks around and they make a really lovely, not to mention affordable line. Of course I pretty much gorged myself on goodies. I'm a huge fan of "treatin yo self", plus I'm moving home and woefully shall not be able to partake of their events any longer!

It was pretty darn crazy! Lots of folks waiting in a line out the door and my head spinning as I tried to ring them all up in a timely and accurate manner. Check out a few snaps from and after the event below!

Dear Creatures Dress, Starfish from TLO!  Me with a very vacant look upon my face.

Cookies for hungry shoppers!

Melie Bianco/Dear Creatures Tote.

Cutest Monique in the cutest Dear Creatures Dress!

Hard working shop girl.

Copious amounts of tags from the Dear Creatures sale!

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